Adventure Tour ITINERARY

DAy 1

All adventurers will arrive at our private villa in Canggu, where you can relax and enjoy your secure villa for the afternoon giving you the chance to meet your new friends you will be touring with for the next five days. After settling in we fuel-up with a meet and greet dinner to get to know each other, and enjoy a good night’s rest before the adventure begins.

day 2

An early start sees us kicking off the thrills at the mountain biking starting point. Riding through the Balinese jungle and seeing some amazing views right down to the ocean is the perfect way to start our five day adventure packed tour. Finishing the track riding through a huge waterfall and getting that perfect picture.

Once we hit the bottom, we drive through the breathtaking mountains of North Bali arriving at a little balinese restaurant, where we have lunch before venturing down to see some of the biggest and most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia. Once we have visited all waterfalls we head back up to where we set up our secluded camp site overlooking the stunning rice terrace. Finishing the day with a nice dinner watching the sunset over the mountains.

day 3

As the sun rises we jump straight back into it, while we enjoy our breakfast we get excited for the action packed day of canyoning, abseiling, sliding and jumping down waterfalls in Bails best canyon. After an active morning we wind down with some well deserved lunch, but it doesn’t stop there. 

We jump back in our transport and head to our next adventure and camp spot for the night, where you can relax in natural freshwater pools of the Balinese jungle or keep the adrenaline pumping with more jumps and slides. Finishing the day camping in the trees of the Balinese jungle with the sound of waterfalls flowing only metres away. No need to get ready for dinner - Dinner is served to us in our tree tent. Winning!

day 4 

A new day, a new adventure - next on the list is scuba diving! We fuel our bodies bright and early before diving or snorkeling through the epic shipwreck of the USS Liberty, sunk by Japanese torpedo in WWII, and come face to face with some amazing sea life. Over lunch we talk about all the things we saw and photos we took as we prepare for our afternoon hike up Mount Batur, one of Bali’s most famous volcanoes, where we will reach our summit camp at 1,717m.

As we arrive at the last leg of the hike we quickly realise why we started the hike in the first place, and enjoy the sunset over a rewarding cup of hot chocolate. Suppa and a bonfire is exactly what we need after we set up our camp for the night - the highest people sleeping in Bali.

day 5 

Wake up to the best sunrise you’ve ever seen without even leaving your tent. We enjoy breakfast while taking in the panoramic view of Bali. After capturing your perfect sunrise shot, we descend for a nice hike back down where a relaxing hot springs awaits us - the perfect way to unwind after an epic adventure. Finishing with a late lunch with your new best friends and share the stories and memories of the best five days of your life.




1500   -   Meet at designated villa location  

1730   -   Group dinner - Villa accommodation



07:00   -   Breakfast

07:30   -   Leave for Mountain biking

09:00   -   Arrive at Mountain Bike starting point

12:30   -   Finish Mountain biking

13:00   -   Lunch

14:00   -   Head to Sekumpul waterfall

14:30   -   Arrive at Sekumpul

15:00   -   Experience Bali’s biggest waterfalls

17:30   -   Set up camp

18:00   -   Dinner and relax



08:00   -   Leave for Canyoning

09:00   -   Breakfast

09:30   -   Start Canyoning adventure

13:00   -   Finish Canyoning

13:30   -   Lunch

14:00   -   Leave for Aling Aling waterfall

15:00   -   Jump, Slide, Swim in waterfalls

17:00   -   Set up tree tents

18:00   -   Dinner and relax



06:30 - Breakfast

07:00   -   Leave for Tulamben

09:00   -   Scuba dive or snorkel (WW11 Shipwreck)

10:30   -   Finish Dive

11:00   -   Lunch

11:30   -   Leave for Mt Batur (Volcano)

15:00   -   Start hike

17:00   -   Arrive at summit

17:30   -   Set up camp

18:00   -   Watch Sunset

19:00   -   Dinner 

DAY 5 


05:30   -   Awake for Sunrise

06:00   -   Breakfast

08:00   -   Descend mountain

10:00   -   Arrive at bottom

10:30   -   Bath and relax in hot springs

11:30   -   Leave hot springs

12:00   -   Farewell lunch

15:00   -   Adventurers will be dropped back off at their on going accommodation (times may differ depening on location)

*All times and activties are subjected to change due to weather and unforeseen circumstances.  

Multi tour map

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